Hand painted Stearin candles in Meadow flowers


These hand painted Stearin candles bring a elegant touch to your dining table or make a great gift! Made from plant based materials, 100% Vegan- no nasty paraffin!

Every candle is hand painted which means each one is unique! please accept there may be some slight imperfections but every effort is made to make each candle the best it can be.
Perfect for use as table / dinner candles or to decorate your home.

100% Stearin candles makes a far superior quality candle than paraffin. The process is economically friendly, by being made from plant based materials rather than petroleum. Stearin burns at a higher temperature leading to a taller brighter flame, minimal drip and are smokeless which has less impact on our environment.

Each candle measures approximately 21 x 255mm and has 7 hours burning time. These candles have a Lugged Base which will fit most candle holders.

*** Available in Dark green, grey, purple candle ****
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Please be careful in handling these candles, they are very delicate and may break when dropped on a hard surface and due to the waxy nature of the product slight scratches may peel paint off the surface. A non flammable layer is applied on top of the paint for some protection.

Please see Candle Safety page for more information on how to be a responsible candle user.

This is for 2 candles encased in a giftable recycled Kraft box. Please select your candle colour below.

If you would like a mixed candle box just select how many candles you want and send me a message separately and i will make it happen!

I will ship these candles in the most protective way possible to ensure they arrive at their destination safe
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