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and don't stop trying if you can't

About Lisemarieprints

I'm not one of these people that carries around a sketchbook waiting for the opportunity to find my muse and sit for hours with a coffee watching the world go by! this may have been my romantic memory of University but i don't need to tell you what its really like, right? The truth is I have all these ideas running around in my head but probably 10% materialise onto paper. 50% get forgotten, 20% a quick note on my phone  and 10% a saved image on Pinterest but when revisited, god knows why I saved it in the first place. 
Juggling a family does limit the amount of time i can spend on my work but i still love the process of seeing something on paper to seeing it online or in a shop, its a nice feeling and even more so the positive comments make it all worth while.
I really love working with all sorts of mediums, this is probably my earliest memory working in an art shop learning about all the different paints and processes then waiting to pay day to blow all my money where I worked!

'Another beautiful card! My go to shop for greeting cards'